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The Helping Hand Project

The project will aim to encourage students to become increasingly involved within their local community, the London Borough of Hounslow. A brief outline is provided below.

 The aims of the project are to:

 1. Allow young people to develop transferable skills and experiences that are applicable in other environments, such as paid work and further education

 2. Develop a greater participation of young people in local initiative that enhance existing provision

The project will be conducted over a period of 6 months and we aim to recruit a minimum 25 volunteers. Over this period, the volunteers will participate in three activities.

 Activity 1:

 Approx 20 hour training will be provided which will include Open College Network (OCN), an accredited Project Management Module. Training will also be provide on understanding basic admin tasks, event planning, marketing & communication, fundraising, money management, personal safety and most importantly team work.

 Activity 2:

 Local fundraising initiatives will be organized – with ideas and contact made by students. Each LFI will be manned by a team of 2-4 participants. All participants will be given equal opportunity.

 Activity 3:

 The project will work with young people to undertake community research, using a mixture of primary research and secondary research. This will form the basis of a needs analysis, which will be used to define up to 3 areas for funds to be awarded to local community organisations and groups. This will be provided with an average commitment of 2-4 hours to each individual.


 New transferable skills will be developed and experiences that can be applied to other environments. Local community initiatives will benefit from increased income/resources to enhance their existing capacity.


 All activities will take place within the London borough of Hounslow.

 The project will allow local students aged between 13-24 to develop skills that could be applied to employment, higher education or any other route they choose to take. It will also address the issue of youth involvement in the local community and expose the participants to community and social responsibility.

The Helping Hand Project
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