HAAYA is a Voluntary and Community Sector Organisation (VCSO) established in 2002 and based in the London Borough of Hounslow.

We offer a wide range of educational, training, support, health and sporting initiatives tailored to the needs of the community. It aims to provide a holistic service, which helps people, particularly those living in disadvantaged communities to re-engage with mainstream society and improve their quality of life.

HAAYA seeks to address issues impacting the community through working with young people who are Not in Education Employment and Training (NEET) to Education Employment and Training (EET) , racial tension, postcode gang violence, criminality and anti-social behavior, lack of training and employment opportunities. It also places strong emphasis on the health and social welfare of the community.

HAAYA’s Vision:


HAAYA’s Mission

Provide excellent support services directed at addressing local needs, where people are empowered towards social and personal change.and to promote, support and develop Children and young people, particularly those who are the most disengaged and disadvantaged.

HAAYA’s Aims and Objective

  1. To support the personal development of children and young people and to offer individuals the opportunity to develop and achieve their potential, particularly those who are vulnerable, disadvantaged, and at risk of social exclusion.
  2. To organise a range of cross-cultural leisure, educational and social activities for disenfranchised children and young people.
  3. To encourage children and young people to take a positive active role in their local community and to promote community cohesion and co-operation amongst the different faith and non-faith communities.
  4. To establish a multi-purpose youth and community centre and advance further community development initiatives based upon local needs.
  5. To improve the educational attainment and aspiration of children and young people and their families living in disadvantaged Communities.
  6. To promote a well-being and a healthy active lifestyle for young people through the provision of recreational activities, healthy eating and physical activity.
  7. To promote partnership work and build the capacity of voluntary and community sector organizations (VCSO), especially those that are children and young people orientated.

HAAYA’s Core Value

  • We will INSPIRE change.
  • We will always respect that we are ROLE MODELS.
  • We will be OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE and Community Focused.
  • We will always be ENTHUSIASTIC and make all of our activities FUN.
  • We will at all time be PROFESSIONAL and respect your CONFIDENTAULITY and TRUST.

Who Are We

We are non-political and non-profit making Charity and Voluntary and Community Sector Organisation (VCSO) led by a Board of Trustees. We are a local grass roots organization with an open membership policy. We provide holistic solutions to local problems and challenges.

What We Do

– We offer personal, social, educational, training and employment development opportunities tailored to the needs of our young people.

– Our activities include one-to-one work and a wide range of youth clubs, services including sports and arts clubs, study groups, training for young volunteers, Education and Employment workshops, Duke of Edinburgh Award, trips and residential.

– We place strong emphasis on the health and social welfare of young people. This includes promoting healthy eating, sports initiatives, physical activity and substance misuse service.

– We seek to address issues impacting the local community. This includes racial tensions, criminality and anti-social behavior; promote community cohesion and cooperation amongst the different faith and non-faith communities.

– Haaya is a place where young people can have fun, engage positively and be able to feel safe and valued, can talk in confidence to youth workers about anything, and ultimately discover meaning and direction for their lives.