Poetic Pillgrimage – Thursady 6th October 2011 5pm-7pm

Poetic Pillgrimage is a Muslim hip-hop duo founded in 2002. It is one of the very few Muslim musical groups in Britain.

Poetic Pilgrimage is a female Hip Hop and Spoken Word duo who wish to take the world by storm with their sounds, lyrics and individual, personal characters. They are a rare act, being one of the few Muslim female Hip Hop artists around and express themselves through the art of rhyme, covering personal, social issues / themes whilst also working to ensure that they do not compromise their personal beliefs.

Movie Night – Thursday 13th October 2011 5pm-7pm

The film MOOZ-LUM looks at the life of young teenager Tariq. Pulled between his strict Muslim upbringing by his father and a normal social life he has never had, Tariq enters college in a state of confusion. New relationships challenge his already shaken ideals, and estrangement from his mother and sister troubles him. Slowly Tariq begins to find himself with the help of friends, family and mentors, as he faces his past and makes life changing decisions.

Drama Workshop with Alia Zoughbi – Thursday 20th October 2011 5pm-7pm

Enjoy a two hour drama workshop with our professional drama teacher Alia.

Art and Photography Workshop – Thursday 27th October 2011 5pm-7pm

Bring out the creative side in you through HAAYA’s art workshop.


Activities (above) take place at: Da Spot 33 Lampton Road, Hounslow