Ben Nevis Challenge 2014

Abdul and Sunil examined the corridor. There were no teachers around. The coast was clear. “Where do you wanna cotch today?” Abdul asked. “Guess?” Sunil replied. Abdul thought for a moment and then smiled. They felt like they were doing a ‘mission impossible,’ like a couple of movie actors; a bit like ‘Tango & Cash.’

Haaya is running a Ben Nevis Trek from Friday 8th – Sunday 10th August 2014. The aim of the trek is to raise money for a new youth centre within the London Borough of Hounslow accessible for all youth on a 7 day period – providing facilities for worksh

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Reflecting on my academic journey, I can confidently assert that the Saturday School initiative orchestrated by HAAYA played a pivotal role in my success, particularly in conquering the complexities of GCSE Maths. I cannot overstate the significance of their unwavering support and guidance. To anyone grappling with educational challenges, I unequivocally advocate seeking assistance from HAAYA

I enjoy coming to HAAYA it’s a place I can hang out with my friends.

I really had fun with the workshops and learnt more about the environment.

HAAYA is great! I especially enjoy the residential trips. I remember one time we went to Brenscombe outdoor centre and we were taught how to drive a speed boat, I loved it!