Would you like the opportunity for personal development, acquiring new skills, meeting new people, raising your self esteem and gaining more confidence to participate in helping your community?

The HAAYA girls group provides constructive activities and social contact for young girls between the ages of 11 and 19. We also work towards promoting equal opportunities and breaking down barriers that prevent our young girls from progressing in all aspects of life. Most importantly, we support young women towards social fulfillment and to integrate into society without making them feel they need to compromise their own identity. The girls club activities include:

Tuesday Youth Club @ Hounslow Youth Centre

Our girls club is currently being held every Tuesday between 5.00pm-7.00pm at Hounslow Youth Centre, Kingsley Road, Hounslow TW3 1NX

Cooking workshops stereotypical we know…but some of us like doing it! The aim of this workshop was to teach young people various culinary skills, along with valuable lessons about nutritional value of food, hygiene and preparation as well as health and safety.

Arts & Crafts workshop, some of the activities that are held consist of jewelary making, mosaic tiling, henna art, glass painting and much more.
Accredited Activities

A group of young girls went to Slough Ice arena to pursue the SkateUK course which consists of ten levels, they all achieved Level 1 Skate UK qualification. The course lasted for two days and the girls successfully completed the first level and received a certificate. The demand for ice skating increased significantly after first being provided in 2005, since then, HAAYA has provided young people with more courses throughout 2006 onwards. We hope to continue providing accredited activities for our young people.
Other Activities

Due to the success of the girls club and increasing demand we are offering more club based and off-site activities, such as: self defence course, go-carting, jewellery making, horse riding, ice skating, ceramic pot decorating, baking, residential trips, water sports, hair and beauty and much more.

Recreational trips, allow young people to create a safe space where they can simply enjoy themselves and have a good relaxing time with their friends away from school and homework. We feel that occasional trips like this re-charge their batteries and give them fresh energy to dedicate to their studies.

For further information please call: 020 8569 6350 or email: info@haaya.com