The Volunteer Xperience!

Being a volunteer with Haaya has been amazing. My role in this particular capacity is unlike any other I’ve ever had and this in itself is the challenge, which I set out to achieve every Friday.

Volunteers and Workers

It is as much of a personal expectation to fulfil my role to the best of my abilities. We, the volunteers and workers, are effectively a team that is both cohesive and adaptive. We work together to attain the general objectives of HAAYA, which is to positively assist with the development of the youth; we are their friends and we are basically and most simply there for them.

I run and supervise HAAYA basketball sessions. It is the sport I have most predominantly been involved with, at various levels. The game is relatively new and its popularity is rapidly growing in the nation- particularly within London.

At HAAYA, the numbers wanting to play basketball are in gradual increase. The youth are excited and enthusiastic. Therefore, within my specific role, I intend to be as keen in delivering a sport that is both fun and great to play. It emphasises above all the value of good competition and teamwork, which I love to instruct the youth about. Movement, skill, agility and speed and the essentials, one they start playing you can feel the energy charge on the court.

When numbers get to a sufficient level, it is an aspiration of mine to utilise the time as a coaching session. I expect that in the near future, such interest should be there and HAAYA could form a team for competition in the Middlesex league.

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Reflecting on my academic journey, I can confidently assert that the Saturday School initiative orchestrated by HAAYA played a pivotal role in my success, particularly in conquering the complexities of GCSE Maths. I cannot overstate the significance of their unwavering support and guidance. To anyone grappling with educational challenges, I unequivocally advocate seeking assistance from HAAYA

I enjoy coming to HAAYA it’s a place I can hang out with my friends.

I really had fun with the workshops and learnt more about the environment.

HAAYA is great! I especially enjoy the residential trips. I remember one time we went to Brenscombe outdoor centre and we were taught how to drive a speed boat, I loved it!